EMPTY SPACE (2014-15)

A ~33-minute performance-screening in three parts:

1. A silent video (11 minutes)
2. A text I wrote about the concept of empty space in quantum physics, and how it relates to the landscape. I scroll through the text, page by page (~11-minutes)
3. A sound piece with no visuals (10 min)

Part 1: The video, EMPTY SPACE, 11 min 20 sec

Part 2: One page of the text piece. Download a PDF of the full text piece here.

Part 3: The sound piece, EMPTY SPACE, 10 min 10 sec. Benefits from a decent volume.

EMPTY SPACE has been presented numerous times in several galleries in New York, Cork (Ireland), and Turku (Finland). There have been 1-channel and 2-channel versions of the piece. The following pictures are from a 1-channel version of the piece, shown at Rawson Projects, New York, in October 2015.